The Ultimate Computer Science
Education Experience
Progress from beginner to advanced.
Designed. To be different.
Multi-year Computer Science Pathway
Progression of computer science courses that provides a pathway for your student to progress from beginner to advanced enabling them to gain in-depth knowledge, experience and confidence in their coding skills.
Rigorous Academic Curriculum
Comprehensive, effective and engaging academic curriculum that is developed using the highest standards of instructional design providing your student a strong foundation in computer science concepts and the mastery of coding techniques.
Specialized Teaching Methodology
Effective instructional model that includes a combination of whole group instruction, teacher guided exercises and student independent and team-based projects resulting in the best learning experience for your student.
Teaching & Learning Platform
Cloud-based computer science platform that provides teachers with the content and tools they need to deliver the highest level of instruction and alter difficulty levels to deliver a personalized learning experience for your student.
Skylark Visual Programming Language
Powerful, educational visual coding language designed by TechSmartKids from the ground up to assist your student in making the transition from drag-and-drop block-based coding to writing line-based code in Python.
Trusted by School Districts
TechSmartKids computer science teacher training, curriculum and platform is used by public and private schools and school districts to provide access for all K-12 students to learn, and advance in computer science and coding.
Build a Strong Foundation
Learn. Advance. Repeat...Master.
Hour of code. An introduction or exposure to computer science. An after-school class. It is not enough. To change the world, to build a product or simply act on their ideas, students need a multi-year pathway to learn and advance, to go deeper and further. Strong teacher-led instruction. Independent drill and practice exercises. Team-based collaboration. Engaging and creative coding projects that inspire and spark their imagination. The opportunity to achieve mastery. This is TechSmartKids. This is where the journey begins.
Become a TechSmart Kid
Confident. Capable. Ready to change to world.
A TechSmart Kid sees things differently. They are creative, curious, independent and confident. A TechSmart Kid believes that if it can be imagined it can be made. They have exceptional problem solving skills and the ability to break their ideas down into features and prioritize. Their fluency with code and strong technical foundation allows them to shape and implement their ideas. A TechSmart Kid designs, prototypes and codes. They create, innovate, make and build. A TechSmart Kid believes they can change the world. This is TechSmartKids. This is the potential we aspire to unleash.